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Calculation phase

The calculation methods available in our facilities are the software of the ?preadsheet type?and the calculations by "finite elements".

a) ?Spreadsheets ?

The ?spreadsheets ?allow us to define the mechanical data for standard geometries.

b) Calculations by finite elements.

Our calculation software using finite elements allows us to execute calculations for any geometries or materials. This software is installed on SUN workstations.

The selection of the laws of behaviour (link to ?behaviour laws ? and the optimization of their coefficients are undertaken with the assistance of a specific software dedicated to this task.

This calculation software by finite elements enable to design the parts in 2 or 3 dimensions (3D mesh mapping software), by applying any type of loading. The following results are obtained :

* deformation undergone in order to define the obstructions ;
* constraints in the material in order to define load limits ;
* elastic energy stored by the material...
* proper vibration modes

The calculation of the part is done in several stages :

* Characterization trials of the materials considered
* Optimization calculation of the behaviour laws (link to ?behaviour laws ?
* 2D drawing, mesh mapping, 3D converting if necessary, gathering of mapping if the part had been fragmented
* creation of a command file summarizing the behaviours and the loadings
*launching of the calculation, analysis and interpretation of the results.