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SCTI group through its TERCAP and STP subsidiaries, has been for over fifty years in the market of transformation of polyurethane parts by hot moulded process.

Polyurethane is characterized by excellent resistance to abrasion, tearing and can withstand significant heavy loads. Compared to the classic injection equipment, the non-complexity of moulding equipment enables the achievement of small and medium productions at reduced costs.

We have developed a close partnership with BAYER company, inventor of polyurethane. Thanks to this partnership we managed to obtain a Vulkollan license in 1952, authorizing us to transform this highly technical elastomer of NDI base under Bayer registered trademark.

We cover two Polyurethane categories : the MDI for ?? standard ?? applications and the NDI (Vulkollan) which meets the most stringent demands. Both can be offered under either cellular (technical foam) or compact* form. A large number of applications can therefore be satisfied :

Our hot moulding machine allows us the transformation of parts weighting from a few grams up to several kilograms. To achieve this low and high pressure moulding machines are available.

SCTI group is the first cellular Vulkollan transformer in France and one of the oldest licensees in the world.

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