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Through its ARTECA, TERCAP and SCTI China subsidiaries, SCTI group has existed for five decades in the transformation of technical parts into rubber and metal-rubber.

ARTECA Caucho-Metal SA company, located in Northern Spain, was one of the first companies in the world to master adhesion techniques*. Founded in 1956 at that time it belonged to Paulstra group.

TERCAP group, located nearby Paris, was founded in 1946. In 1986, Luchaire group extended Tercap activity to rubber injection field originally from Allinquant knowledge. From this heritage, TERCAP benefits from forty year of experience in rubber injection.

Our facilities allow us to carry out the whole process : surface treatment, coating, casting/moulding, control, ensuring the manufacturing quality and minimizing the production schedule.

Our different press machines, (compression, transfer, injection), allow us to optimize the production of parts of either small or large series .

With the expertise of its subsidiaries and its flexibility SCTI group has become the partner of major companies in automotive, railway and other industries for their rubber and metal-rubber applications.

In partcular SCTI group now is one of the European leader in the vibration dampers field.

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