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Who we are

Sinofas is one of the subsidiaries of SCTI group (Socit du Caoutchouc Technique et Industriel).

Sinofas was incorporated in 2006 and manufactures Rubber and Rubber-Metal dampeners for the Automotive, Railway, Heavy Machinery and other Industries.

Sinofas operates a customer oriented policy and provides an overall production process based on rubber and rubber-metal technologies capable of offering suitable and adapted to solutions to every customer.

Our creative energy supported by relevant engineering and testing resources enable us to take on new technical challenges.

Availing ourselves of our expertise, flexible and powerful means of production, and high quality standard we can cater for our customers' requirements offering the cost-effective solutions.

Established in the earliest of 2006, Sinofas is a W.F.O.E. (Whole Foreign Own Enterprise), with two main shareholders: S.C.T.I. (70% shares) and ARTECA (30% shares). Our company is located in the Jiangsu province in Suzhou.

Since have been in China for more than 3 years, S.C.T.I. has firstly set up a joint-venture with a local partner that former company was dedicated to provide some goods to group subsidiaries of S.C.T.I. in Europe. Then S.C.T.I. has changed its strategy by establishing a new company, Sinofas Rubber Co.,Ltd. Rich with this previous experience in supplying goods to the European market, also aim at providing some plastic and rubber parts with medium level technical nature for the local market.

Sinofas dedicated in the manufacturing of rubber and plastic parts, its products are widely used in automotive, elevator, rail-traffic and industrial equipment.

It long-term matched with famous manufacture in the world as Benz, BMW, Audi, Citroen, Volkswagen, General Motors, Otis, etc.

Our company has ability to provide excellent matched products and good services for main-engine factory through introduced advance technology, equipment, material, process and relevant advanced manager views.

Having our own mixing division, we can design and produce rubber formulations specific to each product, which are rigorously studied by our R&D department, tested and adjusted in our laboratory and 100% checked by our Quality department.

Sinofas Rubber Co., Ltd, true to its client orientated policy, has a global manufacturing process in the field of rubber and metal-rubber technology, which enables us to offer adequate and personalised solutions to every customer.

SCTI group has four production sites: