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Control tools

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Sinofas has a large number of control tools for each level of the manufacturing process. Our laboratories also offer many possibilities for characterization tests of the finished products.

The acquisition and piloting systems of our test benches were updated in 2004.

In addition, within the framework of our activity ?vibration damper ? we have developed specific tests methods allowing us to answer a special demand in a very short time. Some methods of control at our disposal :

* control measures for mixtures :
o rheometers ;
o densimeters
o durometers ;
o calcimeter ;
o measurement of melting points ;
o ozone measure.

* dimensional control measures :
o profile projectors ;
o roughometer;
o sensors, gauges, probes and set of fillers ...

* control measures for static mechanical characteristics :
o traction-compression-inflection test benches (5kN, 20 kN, 40 kN, 100kN) ;
o torsion test bench (400 kNm) ;
o conical torsion test bench (6 kNm) ;

* control measures for dynamic characteristics :
o mono-axial dynamic test bench (0-14000 Hz, 9-26,7 kN, 10 mm)
o tri-axial dynamic test bench(100 Hz-20 kN-70 mm) ;
o mono-axial dynamic test bench (200 Hz-20 kN-50 mm) ;
o mono-axial dynamic test bench (25 Hz-200kN).
o Vibrating pots (determination of proper frequencies, for devices up to 550N, accelerations up to 66g, and frequencies up to 10.000Hz)